Elevate Her Retreat

Retreat Date: Feb. 23rd – Mar. 1st 2025

Join us for a groundbreaking 7-day women’s retreat in San Pancho Mexico, with a primary focus on understanding and optimizing your fascial nervous system the body’s fundamental operating system.

Our Purpose

Address the fundamental physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and environmental factors that impair your body’s ability to self regulate, heal and perform at your highest level. Our customized, whole-body approach will empower you with the proven tools and daily practices for optimal nervous system health and well being.

Who is this for?

If you are a woman who is:

  • Struggling to regulate your hormones
  • Feeling stressed, burnt out or stuck
  • Needing more energy and quality sleep
  • Confused by too much “healthcare” information
  • Overwhelmed with putting all the pieces together on your own
  • Wanting to increase your strength and fitness level
  • Frustrated with gut issues, brain fog and memory loss
  • Ready to take responsibility for your health rather looking for another quick fix

Punta Monterrey Tropical Beach Resort

Punta Monterrey tropical beach resort is an ecological reserve with more than 300 acres of jungle so you can experience nature, sharing quality time with friends and family in a friendly environment perfectly conceived for your enjoyment.

The resort has 16 rooms with bioclimatic architecture, it means that the temperature of the rooms is regulated with the orientation and natural ventilation, designed to receive you in the most welcoming way.

Retreat Guides
Nikki Costello

Nikki Costello

Meet Nikki Costello, a highly skilled Fascia Fitness Coach who holds certifications as an ELDOA Trainer, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, STOTT Pilates Instructor and Neurofit Coach. With a passion for understanding the profound influence of the nervous system and fascia – the body’s main operating system, Nikki’s expertise has been cultivated through years of study with esteemed experts, including Dr. Mark Barnes, Dr. John Barnes, Dr. Guy Voyer, D.O., and Paul Check.

Nikki Costello
Marisol Pearce

Marisol is a seasoned practitioner with over two decades of dedicated study and a multitude of certifications in Yoga, Mindfulness, Holistic Health, Functional Nutrition, Somatics, and Energy Work. Her mission is to educate and empower participants to embody their innate healing wisdom.

Nikki Costello
Callie Cavanaugh

Meet Callie Cavanaugh, a multi-talented individual who wears many hats – a trained chef, interaction designer, speaker, and the author of the inspiring book, “Eating In by Design.” Callie’s passion for food ignited at the young age of five when she delighted her friends and family with her cooking shows.

Nikki Costello
Chuck Hyde
Introducing Chuck Hyde, a highly skilled and licensed massage therapist with over two decades of experience in Boulder, Colorado. Chuck’s mastery lies in his unique vibration-based massage approach, honed through an impressive 10,000 hours of practice. In each session, he seamlessly integrates fascial restructuring, pain management, postural repatterning, breath alignment, energy work, and nervous system regulation, tailoring his technique to address individual needs.


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